Thursday, November 10, 2011

My 1st and last experience with squash.

Remember my post last week, raving about how easy it is to make baby food?  Yeah, I hadn't ventured into squash yet.  I made a lot of Jake's baby food, but never tried squash for him, he just got good old jars.  I figured I'd give it a shot this time around, because my father-in-law gave me 2 squashes (squashi?  squashes? just squash like deer?  what is the plural?) out of his garden, and then Aldi had them for .97 each, so I figured why not?  (3 of 4 featured here, I had 1 butternut & 3 acorn)

Let me tell you why not...first, I nearly severed a piece of my finger trying to cut them in half.  It was like trying to saw through a boulder.  Once I did manage to cut through them, I was faced with nasty piles of guts and seeds.  I am seriously repulsed by those types of things (which is why I have successfully avoided pumpkin carving every year).  The initial scoop of guts & seeds wasn't bad, but I had to do a lot of digging/scraping to get all of the strings out.  GAG.

THEN, after I baked them for almost an hour, I had to peel off the skin and remove all of the "meat" to blend up.  Again, it was just really gross to me.  And not an easy task, that skin is stubborn. 

 It at least got easier once I got the meat out, it was just business as usual...tossing it in the food processor and pushing a button.

So, the 4 squash(es)(i) cost me a total of about $2 since 2 of them were free and I got about 32 ounces of baby food out of them.  Had I bought those in a jar, it would have cost me closer to $7 or $8 for that amount.  Hopefully this is the only squash he'll ever need while eating purees, since it did make quite a bit...because that will be the last time he gets a homemade batch!

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