Friday, February 25, 2011

There's no place like home.

For as much fun as I had in NYC, it really did feel good to come home. Unfortunately, since it took me for-e-ver to get home that night thanks to a random snowstorm, I didn't get to hang out with Jake in the evening as I had originally planned. He was already in bed when I got there (though he heard me come in & snuck out of his crib for a few minutes to give hugs & kisses). But, he did leave me some messages with his bath crayons earlier that night that made me smile:

The next day, I picked him up from school & he said, "Mommy, you were in New York City. I missed you. I thought I lost you". My heart was breaking, he looked so sad & genuinely concerned with my whereabouts. But it was very sweet and kind of made my mommy ego swell a little bit, knowing that he did seem to notice my absence :)

How could I have not missed this face??


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