Friday, February 11, 2011

23ish week appointment

I went on Monday for my 23 week appointment, just a few days shy of 23 weeks (I wasn't supposed to go until Friday, but my pesky blood pressure spiked again over the weekend, so they had me come in early). Everything was fine, baby's heart rate was 151 and my blood pressure was ok while there. Since it only seems to be spiking at random times, they don't want to mess with my medication yet, but I'm just supposed to keep a close eye on it (monitoring it myself 3 times/day) and if we start to see a pattern to the spikes or if it happens more often, they will either adjust my dose again or switch me to a different medication to see if that helps. The only thing that changed was that they want to see me every 2 weeks as opposed to every month, just to keep a close eye on my blood pressure & make sure there's no protein in my urine.

I received my prescription to have my glucose test done in 2 weeks (blah!) and the doctor let me know that when I come back for my next appointment in 2 weeks, they will probably write me a prescription at that time to get a 28 week ultrasound done to check on the baby's growth and the amniotic fluid...yay to seeing the baby again!!! :)

On another baby-related note, here is the latest conversation we had with Jake about the baby:

Jake: mommy, where is the baby going to go when he comes out?
Me: Well, he'll stay in the hospital a few days to make sure he gets nice & strong, then he'll come to our house.
Jake: He's going to live here? I still go to school?? (slight note of panic in his voice, like he wouldn't be able to go to school anymore)
Me: Yes, he'll live in here in our house & you'll still get to go to school. Then, after awhile, your baby brother will go to school with you, won't that be fun??
Jake: (sour look on his face) That baby should stay in your belly. Tell him! Tell him that, mommy! He should stay in there!

The panic didn't seem to set in until I talked about the baby going to school....and Jake calmed down a bit when I reassured him that the baby would be in a different classroom than his, with all of the other little babies. Perhaps he was worried that his style would be cramped at school if he had his little brother tagging along??

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JCHokie said...

OMG, I'm dying over here. Jake is too funny!

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