Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nursery Ideas

Once we revamp Jake's room into his big boy room in early March, we get to move onto the next house project: the nursery! The walls are in desperate need of new paint; in fact, it was really the only room in the house when we moved in where the paint was in bad shape, but knowing that we would (hopefully) be adding to our family very soon, we let it go for the time being. So step one, will be repainting! Color choice TBD at this point.

I've been scoping out some ideas for what to do with the nursery-this is where I'm torn. I have the bedding from Jake's crib which, if I could, I'd like to just use again because, bedding is expensive. But, I don't want to look at the exact same room again for another 3 years. Here is the bedding we already have:

It's really just blue/brown/tan polka dots. We just didn't really do much with the rest of the room, other than some wall letters that matched and some picture frames. I'm hoping to maybe be able to use the same bedding, but give the room a different feel with accessories.

Here are some ideas that I've liked that have actual bedding...maybe I can find a way to pull out features of them and give the room a new "theme"?? Thoughts and ideas are welcomed!!! (try to look past the fact that the pictures I'm about to post of ideas are WAAAY too much of "themes" for me...I would just do a few simple accents around the room to tie the theme in, not have matchy-matchy everything)

Idea #1: nautical theme
I'm surprised by my own liking of this, as it's not really something I would normally go for. But I enjoy the mix of dark blues/light blues/whites (and I love the idea of putting an oar or captains wheel up on the wall)

Idea #2: Vintage Dogs
Brian is not totally sold on this idea, he thinks it's a bit blah, but I think it's very cute:

So, what do you think? Can I pull off using the same bedding from Jake's room, but change up the rest? Am I just being ridiculous, should I just use jake's bedding & not worry about doing a different theme?? Any other fabulous ideas for the nursery that I've totally missed?

Regardless of the theme we go with, I love these letter blocks from BRU to go on a shelf in the room:
Blue Letter Block - 'g' -  New Arrivals - Toys"R"Us

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JCHokie said...

You know me, I love the vintage dog one. It's precious and I think you can totally incorporate Jake's old bedding with it.

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