Thursday, January 13, 2011

Really, universe? Really??

I don't really have too many bad weeks, or even bad days. This week; however, has been an exception to that rule. Let's look at a little historical timeline of this week, shall we?

Monday morning: wake up to find out that our furnace had stopped working at some point in the middle of the night. I believe it was around 9 degrees outside that morning.
Monday at work: make frantic phone calls to home warranty company to get someone to come and fix it (thank God for home warranties!). Originally told that no one could come until Tuesday. Had to call back & tell warranty company that I have a small child in the home, that got us bumped up to an emergency situation. (thanks, Jake!) Scheduled someone to come at 4:15.

I have to race home, catching 2 different buses, to meet the guy. I pick up Jake at daycare on my way & his teacher says he's been miserable all day, not himself, didn't want to play or eat. but no fever. Great. Stuff my poor miserable kid in the car & go home. Repairman calls to say he's running late, will be there at 5:30.

Lots of stuff in between (including the fact that the guy walked all over my house with dirty shoes, but that's another story) 8:30, the guy says he temporarily fixed it, but has to come back with more parts tomorrow.

Also discover this same evening (while guy is working on furnace) that our ice maker in the bar is leaking all over the floor. Of course it is!! Why wouldn't it start that right now??

Tuesday: too much to write here, but heat went out again that morning, Brian had to fight with HVAC company to get them to come that day as promised. We get blasted with a bunch of snow in the afternoon, I left work at 4:05pm and walked into my house at 7:30...I was tired, cranky, starving, had a sore back, and had a bladder that was about to burst. Jake still not feeling 100%. The good news of this day was that our furnace was finally fixed and has been working fine since then.

Wednesday evening: find out that my bus route is being eliminated altogether at the end of March. Thanks a lot, Port Authority. Can't even fully process this information right now, as my head is already overloaded with other things from earlier in the week. Fill with anger toward Port Authority. Positive point of the day: Jake is feeling better & ate a full lunch at school.

Thursday: still stewing over the loss of my bus, feel nauseous in the morning. Assume I'm just hungry, eat breakfast at work, still feel sick. Still feeling sick now and really, really hoping it's just the pregnancy & not something else. This weekend is Jake's party, there's no time for illness!!

It can only get better from here, right? I just needed to vent, it feels good to have a little pity party for myself & get that off of my chest. I just keep reminding myself of the good things of this week...a healthy baby at the appointment, a little boy who is turning 3 on Saturday and the fact that our house is now safe and has heat. I guess the rest will pass & we'll deal with it however we need to.

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Team Clancy said...

Oh lady! I feel ya....we have enough of those "trying times" with our house. Thank God I wasn't pregnant through it all because I would have lost it. Perhaps you need to rekindle your romance with Mr. Snoogle..... me and Snoogs are still sleeping quite nicely together :-) Hope things get better and that Jake's party is awesome!

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