Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday weekend fun

I think it's safe to say that Jake really enjoyed his birthday this year. He started things off on Friday by bringing Steelers cupcakes into school. When I picked him up & asked if he had fun, his answer was "It was my birthday, I stood on a chair and my fwiends sang a song. The chair wobbled! I ate a cupcake and shared with my fwiends. Then, I save the cupcakes in my tubby (cubby)". He said that paragraph in one big, excited breath :)

Nana & PopPop came in Friday evening and enjoyed some outdoor activities with us on Saturday. We still have tons of snow, and it was the perfect day for some sled riding.

He opened his presents from us and Nana & PopPop that afternoon, then we settled in for the Steelers game. Poor kid is always going to have to compete with the Steelers during the playoffs anytime they're having a good season, but he enjoyed watching the game and telling the men who were yelling loudly sometimes "You need to use your inside voice!" :)

Sunday was his official birthday party, and we were happy to have GG & Pappy, Uncle Nate & Aunt Katie, Aunt Missa, Uncle Dennis, Ben and my Uncle Kip & his fiancee Gena join us for the day!! Jake is a very lucky boy & received lots of fun new toys.

As always, the highlight of his day was seeing his BFF, Ben. The two of them are just little giggle monsters when they get together. And obviously, they both share a love of cupcakes.

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Jeanna said...

Great action shots of them sled riding!! Sounds like he had a great birthday weekend:) And halfway? Soon you will have two little boys to love:)

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