Friday, January 7, 2011

Quote me on that.

I know I'm biased as his mom, but I think Jake is downright hilarious sometimes. I should really start writing down some of his quotes because I can never remember them all. Here are some recent ones that had us cracking up:

*We were in Hallmark & he saw a display of Jelly Bellies and of course, wanted some. I told him no; he asked again, I said no. A few minutes go by & he pulls on my shirt & says very sweetly, "Mommy...can we please just give them a chance?" Miraculously, I still didn't cave in; the poor jelly beans stood no chance.

*I told him it was time for dinner & he said "Let me check... (pulls his shirt sleeve up to glance at imaginary watch on his wrist) Nope. Not time for dinner. Time to play!"

*We heard a random noise on the roof a few days before Christmas; I told Jake that maybe it was Santa coming to check on him. His response? "Oh. That dangerous. Santa not a worker-man, he should come down from there!"

*We were in the car and I heard him singing something but couldn't tell what it was. I turned down the radio & asked him to sing again. He started to sing "Feeling so fly like a cheesestick". It took me a minute to figure out what he was doing, then I realized that he was singing to the tune of "Like a G6" (I was going to link the song to the lyrics, but I'm embarrassed to even post them knowing that my toddler was picking up on the words) So, while it was hilarious to hear him singing about his love for cheese sticks, I have also started to immediately flip the stations when questionable songs come on the radio!! (Though I'll never deprive the kid of Lady Gaga or Enrique Inglesias, he just loves those songs too much)


Jeanna said...

haha so funny! i looove the things they say and do! i also don't want to forget what she says so i just bought a journal to write her sayings in:)

JCHokie said...

So funny! He's adorable.

Life with Pog & FLeC said...

He is so funny. I have to admit... I didn't quite get the G6 lyrics right away and have made up my version too! :)

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