Thursday, January 13, 2011

Monthly check up

I had my monthly check up with my doctor yesterday (19 weeks). After a brief scare from the tech trying to find the heartbeat on the doppler (turns out the little bugger just doesn't like to cooperate for medical personnel-he was burrowed waaaaaay down deep), everything with him was fine, heart rate was 155. The doctor had reviewed my ultrasound from last week and said everything looked great there, too, so that was a relief.

The only downside to the appointment was that my blood pressure had gone up. I already knew that going into the appointment (I had started to be able to feel it over the weekend & started taking it with my cuff at home, it was running around 140/90). At the office that morning, it was 137/100. :( Boo!! I was pretty upset over the weekend, considering that even though it spiked with Jake, I wasn't on meds then so it was to be expected, AND it happened much later (I think I was around 7 or 8 months along at that time).

But, the doctor said there's no need to panic yet...she wants me to go from taking my medicine once/day to twice/day and she feels confident that it will help it for the time being. I'm supposed to take my blood pressure at home everyday and call in immediately if the bottom number goes over 100. Otherwise, I'm to call in all of the readings on Monday so that she can make sure that's going to be a good solution.

So crisis averted for now....main goal for me is to keep my blood pressure under control, stay OFF of bedrest if at all possible and avoid the dreaded pre-e this time around. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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