Thursday, January 20, 2011

Halfway there!

Well, the baby is half baked at this point, I was 20 weeks on Wednesday! (bare belly shot ahead, watch out! Also, note to self: STOP TAKING THESE SHOTS IN THE MORNING! You'd think I would learn....)

Here was my 20 week shot with Jake:

I think I mentioned in another post that my blood pressure had started to creep up again already, so they doubled medication last week. It wasn't really working for the first few days, but thankfully, it seems to have come down at this point, so the doctor is happy with it for now, I just have to continue to monitor it twice a day.

On a lighter note, he moves around in there like crazy...I feel him some during the day, but from about 8:30-whenever I drag myself to bed, it's like a party in there! He can be felt from the outside & on a few occasions, I've even seen my belly move/twitch. :)
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