Monday, December 15, 2014

What we've been up to....

Phew, it's been a busy past week or so!!  I had to go to DC for work 3 days last week, so Brian was on his own with the boys, while I was in a hotel room with a remote all to myself.  I sent him this picture from when I first checked into my hotel and had a bit of time to kill and told him I was about to do some serious daytime TLC and Bravo binge watching:

It's nice to get away for a bit (and catch up on sleep!), but I'm always happy to come home to all 3 of my boys. I left the conference early on Friday to make it home in time for Liam's Christmas pageant...that event deserves its own post, so once I upload the videos I'll be sure to get that up :)

On Saturday, we started off the day with some Christmas coloring....Liam said "Mommy, where's your phone?  Let's take some selfies"  Sorry, I must have missed the part where he was 13 and not 3....but I complied.  Here are our 6:45am.   Real life here, people.  And really dark undereye circles.


Jake had a basketball game later that morning...and the moment came that the poor kid has been waiting for for weeks now....he made a basket!!! He was so excited, fist pumping his little teammates.  Some pics from that game (he's #7):

Liam will pause sometimes to cheer for Jake, but for the most part, he spends the hour and a half snacking and playing his Leap Pad (what a lifesaver that thing is!):

The rest of Saturday was spent just hanging out, getting some stuff done around the house.  That evening, once we triple checked that the kids sound asleep, it was time for our marathon of gift wrapping!! Our tradition has morphed into turning on a Christmas movie and just going full-force with trying to get as much of the wrapping done as possible.  "Love Actually" was the movie selection this really never gets old.

"So if you really love Christmas....come on and let it snow!"

You know you were singing it, too. We got about 80% of it done before having to tap out.  Brian had plans to take the boys skiing on Sunday (a day to myself 10 days before Christmas?? It was like some type of holiday miracle!!) so I knew I would just finish it up then.  (which I did, woohoo!)

It was super foggy and kind of drizzling all day, but they had a blast skiing:

The aftermath.

I shared this on facebook, but it's worth sharing here, too....I made chili for dinner last night and this was Liam's reaction once he started eating:

Liam: mommy, I don't want all of these ponaenos in my chili.
Me: Do you mean tomatoes?
Liam: Yeah, that's what I said....ponaenos. 

Duh, mom. :)

Only 10 more sleeps until Christmas!!!

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