Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Conductor Jake

Jake's school does this thing where teachers can pick a "conductor" to represent the class for a week; a conductor is someone who honors the pledge of their school to be a responsible, safe, and respective member of the community.  The teachers look for someone who has shown kind characteristics and lives up to the pledge.  After wishing for weeks that he could be the conductor, Jake was notified last week that it was him!! 

He was VERY excited.  The kids get their picture taken and it gets placed on a huge train that runs the span of the main hallway in the school right by the office, and their picture goes up on the screens in the lunchroom.  He felt like a celebrity! 

In other fun Jake news, here is a recent assignment that was sent home that made me giggle:

In case it's not clear, it says:

Instead of a baby brother, I think it would be fun to have a baby wildebeest. First of all, they have the largest migration of any animal and I want to go with them.  Also, I have a lot of grass and they eat grass.  Finally, wildebeests snort loudly which will make me laugh.

I'm impressed with his animal skills, and the fact that he knew how to spell "wildebeests"....because let me tell you, I just tried to type it in as wildebeasts and autocorrect saved me.  Schooled by my 6 year old again!! 

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Sara said...

I am schooled regularly! :) What an awesome experience!

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