Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Liam's Christmas Pageant

Still trying to play blogging catch up, moving backwards in time a bit to Liam's Christmas pageant earlier this month.  This is always a very short, but very sweet program, and we look forward to it every year.


 Liam was super pumped up about it this year, and told me all about the practices they had been doing on the "big stage" all week.  So I knew he would most likely get up there with no issues, but I had no idea just how much enthusiasm he would show. Here he is, coming down the aisle and heading up to the is at this point that he began to say "HI!  HI MOM! HI DAD!  HI GG! HI PAPPY! HI JAKE! HI! HI! HI!" very loudly. 

That grin!!

As he made his way up to the stage, he continued to tell everyone (very loudly) that we were there.  "THAT'S MY FAMILY!  THEY'RE RIGHT THERE! HI!!!!"  Here is a snippet of it, pay attention around the 38 second mark:

These videos got a bit out of order, but here is their rendition of "We wish you a merry christmas", while Liam was holding the last "S" in "Jesus"....

Up on the housetop:

In Bethlehem:

As you can hear, Liam definitely subscribes to Buddy the Elf's idea of holiday cheer:

image courtesy of

Some other shots of the evening:


Proud of our little showstopper :)

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