Monday, December 8, 2014

He's baaaaack!!

Spider Chippy Elf made his grand return to our home last week! Every year, Spider Chippy Elf comes to our house via a box left on the porch...the doorbell rings and bam, there he is, ready for the season!  (if I could go back in time and make him arrive in a way that is slightly less complicated than having to distract 2 kids in another part of the house while the other parent does all of that as quietly as possible, I totally would...but tradition is tradition, so it stands) 

The kids had just got out of the bath the other night when all of a sudden....ding-dong!!

He came this year with a Christmas DVD for the boys (that Santa scored after Christmas last year for $1, woohoo!) and a letter that was personalized to them.  They were just beside themselves with excitement, it's so much fun to see their faces during stuff like this.

The next night after dinner, they decided that they needed to play Elf on the Shelf and save the North Pole from a terrible disaster of no Christmas spirit.  Obviously, the only cure for no Christmas spirit is to go put on your Christmas PJ's,  and then wield around some swords while rocking Elf hats.

Has your Elf arrived yet??

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