Tuesday, December 9, 2014

O Christmas Tree!

I thought that this year with Liam being older, decorating the tree would be easier in terms of not having to worry about any ornaments breaking or the tree being pulled down on someone...

I assumed wrong.

His enthusiasm was heartwarming, but I said all of the following at least once in the hour or so it took us to decorate: "Remember to be gentle with the ornaments! Stop yanking on the branches! No...bulbs aren't for throwing! Please take that ornament off of Gracie's sweater.  Stop hanging things from the dog, please.  Don't grab that out of Jake's hand, there are a hundred other ornaments to choose from.  No, don't stick that candy cane in your mouth, it's an ornament!"

It all paid off in the end...the kids had a blast and the tree is gorgeous!!


Some of our new favorite ornaments:


Loving all the new Disney ones we got last year!  And just for fun, here's one that Jake "made" when he was about a year old, cracks me up every time I see it:

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