Monday, August 18, 2014

Outer Banks 2014 Recap #1: Fun in the sand and water!

We've been back just a bit over a week and of course, we are still doing laundry, finding sand in random places, and crying that we want to go back to the beach (well, the last one is basically being done by the two shortest people in the house, you can guess who I'm sure)  But I guess that's the sign of a great vacation!!  I think I'll let the pictures do most of the talking about how much fun these kiddos had. 

There was lots and lots and lots of boogie boarding:

Jake and Ben

We did a lot of sandcastle building/sand digging/seashell finding:

Alexa, Jake, Ben
Liam and Nathan
Liam and Parker

There was some kite flying:

The boys enjoyed some baseball on the beach:

And we were VERY thankful that our house had a pool (and hot tub!) this year, the kids were obsessed.  It was nice to relax by the water, watch the kids, and enjoy some cocktails!

Brian and Melissa
Cheers to a great vacation!
love this gal.

Stay tuned for more beach posts soon....

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