Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy birthday, Brian!

Brian spent his actual birthday competing in the Tough Mudder competition (because apparently, some people enjoy tormenting themselves on holidays), and when he finished that, we spent the rest of the evening at a friend's house at their end-of-summer party.  So his celebration got pushed back to Sunday, which worked out well because Nana and PopPop were arriving that day...you know what that means....kid-free night out!! :) 

Brian likes surprises, but with the careful planning around kids and work schedules, it's hard to really pull off surprises very much.  This one wasn't a huge surprise, but he was excited that he had something to look forward to.  So first, I made him pose in the driveway for the obligatory "this guy doesn't have any idea what's going on" pictures:

The first part of the date wasn't really a surprise...or much of a date, I suppose....but we stopped at Home Depot to purchase some items for our master bath makeover (SQUEEE!!  Posts to come about that soon!) 

Nothing says live it up on your birthday weekend like buying a new medicine cabinet and a quart of paint!  That's how you roll when you turn 33.

Look at him-he can hardly contain his excitement!!
Now it was time for the real date...we were off to Narcisi Winery! We had no idea such a great little gem was so close to our house, we definitely want to head back some time.  The food was delicious and the wine was fun to sample, too (and I'm not a huge wine fan, but I LOVED the Catawba...white, sweet, and fruity-perfection!)

Happy birthday, Brian!!  We love you!

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