Friday, August 1, 2014

Favorite Finds Friday

Hopping on the bandwagon of other bloggers, I decided to start Favorite Finds Friday here at Parenting Uncensored!  Here we go....

Favorite Find #1: Fitted boyfriend swiss dot shirt from the Gap

We've had unseasonably cool weather here the past few days (someone pass me a pumpkin spice latte!) so on Tuesday I busted out this shirt that I had purchased from the Gap in early summer.  The price listed online is $29.99 but the Gap almost always has some type of coupon code or savings special going on (I got the shirt for $12.99!)  I love it because the fabric doesn't pull across my chest (and gape open at the buttons) like a lot of button downs do.  It's also a super soft material, and I think the little tiny dots give it a little something extra. Here is a shot of me (in terrible lighting) and a better shot on a model.

Favorite Find #2: Mix and Match Mama blog

As you may already know, I am a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan.  I have watched way more seasons of it than I care to admit (ok, I'll admit it--I've watched it from the beginning), and there have been many former cast members on there that I have grown to love.  However, recently I have taken my bachelor/bachelorette love to the next level and have been loving a former contestant's sister.  Yep, that's celebrity stalker tendencies have taken a twist, and I am LOVING Sean Lowe's sister's blog, Mix and Match Mama.  While having a discussion about the current season a few weeks ago, my friend Sarah couldn't believe that I wasn't following Mix and Match Mama's blog.  So of course, I had to check it out for myself since I felt like I was missing out.  And she was right, I have now adopted her as a new pretend BFF and I want her kids to play with my kids.  Seriously you guys, this family is adorable....I love her style, I love seeing Sean and Catherine randomly pop up in posts about what they did over the weekend, and she has some delicious looking recipes on her foodie blog:

I really want to try this BLT Pasta dish, I think it looks delicious!

image courtesy of
If you're looking for a fun, lighthearted blog to follow (with some yummy recipes thrown in everyday), check it out!

Favorite Find #3: Merona Tote Handbag from Target

I don't tend to go ga-ga over handbags, but I do always need a nice, sturdy bag to haul my stuff to and from work.  I tend to carry a lot of stuff with me (I ride the bus, so I always have my kindle, an umbrella, etc.) so I like my bags to have divided sections so that it doesn't always look like a bomb went off.  After carrying a Nine West bag that I scored at Goodwill for $5 for the past 3 years or so, I finally had to put that one to rest (the inside lining was shredded and I was losing things in the bottom of the bag, oops!)  I found this one at Target and it's perfect for what I need.  There are 3 sections inside (one having a zipper), an outside pocket where I keep my keys, an smaller zippered pocket inside, and 2 other inside slots (where I keep my phone in one and my office key and work ID in the other)  I got it in the color pictured below, which goes well with just about anything or any coat that I wear.  This one is still available on the Target site, marked down to $24.74! 

So there you have it, my favorite items of the week!  Happy Friday!!

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