Friday, August 15, 2014

Favorite Finds Friday!

Favorite Find #1: Dunkin Donuts Cookie Dough Latte

Cookie dough.  Caffeine.  ALL IN ONE DRINK---WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN ALL MY LIFE??  Under normal circumstances, if given the choice, I will always choose Starbucks over DD coffee.  I just find the syrup there to taste less....syrupy.  Less fake.  However, I recently discovered this little bit of iced heaven in a cup and found a new favorite drink.

Your move, Starbucks.

Favorite Find #2: Thirty One Super Organizing Zip Top Tote

We take a lot of road trips each year, and if you have kids you know that road trips = tons of stuff.  Not just tons of stuff for the actual place you're going to, but stuff for the car as well (my sanity savers in the car are snacks, portable DVD players, sticker books, and Leap Pads)  On a typical road trip, this stuff was just scattered everywhere (*shudder*) or haphazardly thrown into plastic shopping bags.  A few months ago, a friend who sells Thirty-One products posted a bunch of items that were having their patterns discontinued and this super organizing tote was one of those...I snatched it up on super sale and I'm glad I did.  It fits all of the stuff I mentioned above, plus their headphones for their electronics, some toys, crayons, and snacks.  All of that stuff fits right in there, and I can zip it up and off we go.  Love it!!

Favorite Find #3: TOMS Canvas Shoes

These have quickly become my favorite shoes.  They are so comfy and perfect for either running errands on the weekends or wearing on Fridays to work with jeans.

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