Friday, May 4, 2012

Some things never change.

Pregnant women seem to be known for their uncontrollable, raging hormones cravings.  While I didn't have any of the stereotypical cravings in either pregnancy (uh-no thank you, I think I'll pass on the pickles in ice cream), I did have some consistent cravings in both pregnancies.  I am always a big fan of Mexican food, but with Jake, it was all that I wanted to eat.  For every single meal.  (Jake is now also a big fan of Mexican food---coincidence?  Perhaps.)  There was one isolated incident where I HAD TO HAVE KFC mashed potatoes.  As in, Brian turned around from being almost home and went to get them for me.

And SWEET TEA.  OMG the sweet tea.  From a carton at the grocery store, from McDonald's, I didn't care.  I just wanted it.  I can distinctly remember waking up on a number of occasions at 2am, and being in bed thinking, "wow....I would kill to gulp down a sweet tea right about now".  Totally normal behavior at 2am, right?  I still like a sweet tea now and then, but nothing like those urges. 

With Liam, I skipped over the sweet tea and headed straight for the Dr. Pepper.  While I thought Dr. Pepper was ok before, once I got hit with that craving, it was like the best thing in the world.  If I walked into a restaurant that served it (which is sometimes hard to find!) it was like I had hit the lottery!  It's probably a good thing that the place I work only has Pepsi products in the vending machines, I at least stood a chance of being able to resist the urge to down one every day.

The other thing I fell in love with?  Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies.  I know, I weird and random.  But I was walking waddling by them in Target one day, they were on sale, I was all like, "oooh....childhood food memories, come to mama!" and that was it.  A beautiful relationship was born.

Why am I thinking about all of this?  Well, because one day last week, it was like deja vu....there I am in Target, grabbing a gallon of milk out of the cooler, and I turn around to find the same type of display, once again....Creme Pies on sale!!  I stood there, staring at the rack.  I hadn't had any since I was pregnant; I deserved some, right?  Before I could regret my choice, I threw a box in my car and raced to the register.  Embarrassing moment confession: I ripped into the box while still in my car, and proceeded to eat one while driving.  Second confession: it was still so, so, so very good.  I had another one later that evening.

That box is long gone, it stood no chance against me.  Lesson of the week: I cannot buy those to keep in the house, I just don't have the willpower to not eat 2 at a time.  But it does prove that both of my cravings from my pregnancy with Liam have stuck around....I still feel giddy inside when I see Dr. Pepper anywhere that I can order it.

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