Monday, May 21, 2012

Liam's 1 Year Check Up

 Liam received a great report from his 1 year check up last week!  Here are the latest stats:

Height: 30.5 inches (75th percentile!)
Weight: 22.5 lbs (50th percentile)
Head circumference: 47 cm (70th percentile)

So, he's tall, average weight, and has a slightly larger than average head :)  (must be because he has a lot of brain to store)  He was right on track with everything, the doctor was pleased to hear how well he eats, and that he's crawling normally at this point.  He agreed that we could try to wean Liam off of the reflux meds at this point, and suggested that we initially stop giving him one dose and see how that goes for 10 days or so.  If all is well, then we can drop that one, too.  So we started right away!  He didn't have his evening dose for 3 days, and he was fine. Then yesterday, we forgot about giving him his medication until almost 11am.  At that point, it wasn't bothering him, so we figured we'd give it a shot to see what happened.  good news...nothing happened!  No crying, no more spit up than usual, nothing!  YAY!  I'm not getting my hopes up just yet, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  You know your kid has been on medication for a long time when the pharmacist at Target knows you and your child by name.  (sorry, Katie...we'll still keep in touch!)

We also decided to cut back on his bottles last week, and even though he was pretty angry the first day according to his teachers, he was totally fine with it by the next day.  By the end of the week, he was skipping his morning bottle and content to have a snack at that time instead.  He was still taking his 3pm bottle, so they're going to cut that out this week.  I'm still nursing him in the morning and at bedtime, so we'll see where that takes us next week once he's transitioned totally out of his daytime feedings. 

Funny daycare story; Liam wasn't at school the day of his birthday, but the next day, I sent in some mini muffins for him to share with his friends during afternoon snack to celebrate.  The teachers made him a birthday crown, sang to him, then passed out the snacks at the tiny table where all of the kids sit.  Liam ate his muffin in .02 seconds, and started looking for more. There were extras, and they figured it was his birthday, so why not?  He ate muffin #2 in record time.  After that, he committed a major party foul and had to actually be removed from his own birthday celebration...he started swiping the muffins from all of his friends who were still eating (because apparently, not every baby hoovers their food right off of the table!)  Oops.  

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