Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Things we're going to focus on while reflecting upon Mother's Day:

The fact that I got to go to school for the afternoon to celebrate at a tea party with Jake, where he sang songs, recited a poem, made me a bracelet, and drew me a picture:

Video of his song/poem reciting:

Crafts and cards from both kids that I will proudly display:

 The caption above the handprint is hard to read in the picture, it says: My hand is so small.  Your hand is so big.  One day my hand will be the size of yours.  Too quickly things will change, it will be hard to remember how small I once was.  So here is a reminder, made just for you.  Happy Mother's Day!

sand jar from jake

Flower with footprint and handprint from Liam

I'm thankful for a loving husband who, despite what I am about to type below this, made a great effort at giving me a nice Mother's Day.

Things that we're going to try to forget ever happened on Mother's Day weekend:

The fact that Brian and I both ended up with the stomach flu on Saturday (thank you, Liam, for picking that up late last week then passing it along to us).  I thought I was going to die on Saturday, but felt about .01% human by Sunday, so there's that, I suppose.

So yes, I was totally having a pity party for myself yesterday....feeling sorry for myself that I felt so terrible, being frustrated that we didn't get anything done over the weekend that we had hoped to do (I was so looking forward to getting my hair cut and planting my flowers); however, this morning I was taking those pictures of the crafts and cards, and realized that while it was not a fun day, I'm still lucky to have these two amazing kids who call me Mommy.  Here they were this morning, being silly playing around in Jake's bed when he first woke up (not sure why the pictures are blurry and tinged yellow, but oh well):

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

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