Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Liam's Wild Rumpus

Back story to the "Where the Wild Things Are" theme: since he was probably 5 or 6  months old, Liam has had this thing where he would take my face in his hands and "eat" my jaw.  He's also very ticklish right under his chin, and would giggle like crazy if you would pretend to take a bite of him right in that spot.  Whenever one of those things was happening, I would always say to him, "I'll eat you up, I love you so!", which of course, is a quote from the book.  And since I always love a good theme, I had decided months ago that Liam's first birthday party would be a Wild Rumpus.  (this is going to be long and've been warned.)

 The theme details (info about various items at the bottom of the post):

All signs and favor tags were FREE printables from here:

Cake, crown, and cookie favor table

cookie favors with tags that say, "Thanks for coming"

close up of favor tag

"Wild Thing" crowns for the kids (and some adults...and the dog...see below)

Paper lanterns above food table

Food table, complete with the inspiration quote :)

drink table


Gracie, embracing her inner Wild Thing:

And now, I present to you...the birthday boy!!!

Please note he was not actually consuming anything from this bottle, but the look on his face cracks me up, I had to post this pic (also, please note that the main color on the beer bottle is yellow....while Brian might have questioned my sanity at various points of planning this party, he obviously fully embraced the theme, since he came home with a case of that beer and proudly declared, "Look!  I even got some beer to match the party colors!"  It was a proud moment for me.)

Liam did so well that day, I wasn't sure how it would go over, between the heat and the fact that there would be so much going on, and so many people...but he was great!  He helped open some of his presents (with a little help from his big bro, of course!):

"Oh snap...I get presents??"

And of course, the highlight of any birthday party is always the CAKE!  Cake and smash cake made by Creative Cakes Pittsburgh.

He wasn't happy initially, because we made him put a crown on his head...

But, as soon as everyone started to sing, he immediately stopped crying and became mesmerized by the singing.  Here's a video:

Once he figured out how delicious the cake was, there was no stopping him. We literally had to put a stop to him, by taking the cake away.


trying to share with Jake
He got him!

overeat? who, me??
The aftermath: just a naked baby, his crown, and a giant mess.
A huge thank you to the friends and family who joined us for Liam's special day...he is lucky to have such great, loving people in his life, thanks for celebrating with us!!

Party detail information:

Signs and favor tags: Featured on the Hostess with the Mostess blog
Crowns: PaperMart Party Supplies
Cookie favors: Giant Eagle bakery
Paper Lanterns: Dollar bins at Target (once again, this is why it's so important to always stalk the dollar bins!!)
Cake and smash cake: Creative Cakes Pittsburgh
Cup labels and drink signs: I made them, using the images from this invitation (featured on the blog linked above)
Liam's bib, birthday banner and catch mat for highchair: Dollar Tree

The menu:
Tastefully Simple Fiesta Dip
Tastefully Simple Spinach and Herb Dip
Fruit Salad
Hot Dogs
Baked Beans
Pasta Salad

Juice Boxes
Vodka Lemonade


Ashley: The Greek Wife said...

Very cute! Our big party is on Saturday!

Sheila said...

AWW - happy birthday Liam!! Pictures are great & Liam looks very satisfied at the end :)

ShangriLa said...

Looks like a huge success! And might I add that I think it's great that the colors you chose to go along with were Black and Yellow?! ;-)

Nancy said...

Just found your "Wild Things" party board on pinterest and am pinning ALL OF IT!! I love this theme for a birthday party and might be stealing it for my daughter's in a few months...just sayin'! :) Thanks!!

Emmy said...

Nancy, so glad that you found the board! What had started out as a small idea in my head turned out to be a very cute party, I'm glad that I went with that theme. can't wait to see your pictures!

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