Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tummy Time: SUCCESS!

As an update to the last time I blogged about tummy time (which, at that point was titled "FAIL"), I am happy to report that tummy time is improving in our house. YAY!

My friend, blogless Meghan, suggested that I use a big ball to balance him on during tummy time; the round shape would make it harder for him to cuddle in and turn tummy time into nap time. So we dug the exercise ball out of the attic, dusted it off and got started. It was pretty much an immediate success because he hated it, and caused himself to pull his head up because he wanted to cry about being on it. Score one for mommy! Eventually, he learned to not hate it quite as much and would agree to doing it for a few minutes at a time. They also have scheduled tummy time sessions at school, which I think are really helping, now that he has a grasp on the whole concept. Here he is, doing his job!

I'm so proud! It's still not his favorite activity, he starts to look pissed after a few minutes. Exhibit A:

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