Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So much to say....

I feel like there are many times throughout the day that Jake will say something, or Liam will do something, and I'll make a mental note of it, but then never remember when it comes time to blog about it. I blame my horrible case of Mom-nesia. (what? it's totally real.) I'll try to remember some stuff....


  • His teacher recently told me that he's really starting to "come out of his shell" at school. I find this amusing because there are many days when he doesn't stop talking at home! but, I guess he's a bit more quiet at school & until recently, has fallen into more of the "follower" category with his friends. But lately, he's been initiating play with other kids, and often shares his thoughts and ideas during circle time.
  • He's starting to recognize some letters, and (when he wants to) he can spell his name out loud.
  • He is obsessed with the little girl, Juliette, who lives behind us. Many mornings are started with the question "Can we go see Juliette now?" The 3 year old mind does not understand why we cannot go knocking on her door at 6:30am on a Tuesday.... But when the time IS appropriate to play, they play very nicely together and the parents are really nice, too, so it's been a lot of fun. I will; however, be bolting Jake's windows shut in a few years...we don't need any Dawson's Creek type business going on, a la Joey & Dawson!
  • He loves to talk about all of the things that he and Liam are going to do when Liam gets bigger. One day when he was eating some strawberries for a snack, he pushed half to the side & told me he was going to save them for Baby Liam for when he got older, so they could eat strawberries together. Awww!!
  • The kid is obsessed with Christmas. His "wish list" is 19.2 miles long at this point, and consists of everything from cars, to toy story dolls to chocolate chip cookies.
  • He has a new favorite show every few days; recent favorites have been Jake & the Neverland Pirates, Wild Kratts and Curious George. Diego & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse have been favorites for awhile, and inevitably, he returns to those even after going astray to something else for a few episodes :)
  • He is in the smiley baby phase and we, of course, eat it right up!
  • While he manages to just tolerate his baths every night, he loves the time after the bath, when we just let him hang out on his changing table & kick and coo before getting into his PJ's.
  • He's starting to try and mimic actions, and he loves when I sing "twinkle, twinkle little star" and do the hand motions
  • He still loves his bouncy seat, and is still just meh about the swing. I hope to be able to bust out the exersaucer pretty soon, but he needs to get some better neck control before I feel comfortable putting him in it.
  • I always get great reports from daycare, they say he's such a happy baby and that he rarely fusses for them. He's taking his bottles just fine there (I just moved him up to a level 2 this week---I guess it was taking him 40 minutes to finish a bottle. Oops. I kind of blocked some of this stuff from the first time around, I almost forgot about moving up to different levels altogether)
  • He's still in 0-3 month clothes, and has room to grow in most of them except for his footed PJ's. We've noticed in the past week that they're getting a bit small on him, length-wise. Our to do list for this weekend includes dragging down the bin of 3-6 month stuff and seeing what we have for the next season.

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