Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Luau Party 2011

After freaking out about the forecast all morning (scattered thundershowers, starting at 3pm...the party started at 4pm), we somehow ended up with a stroke of luck and NO rain!! That's 5 years in a row of no rain on luau day, woohoo!

Some party details:


I realized that if our friends keep reproducing at the current rate, there will soon be more kids at the luau than adults. It's never good to be outnumbered by kids hopped up on sugar!! But for me, the kids have become one of the highlights of the party, it's so much fun to watch them run around together. And for there being so many kids so close to the same age (I think there were at least a dozen kids, ages 2-4 there), I didn't really hear too many squabbles amongst them. They seemed to play very well together, and it was nice to have the extra yard space this year for them to run around.

Brian's birthday isn't until the 16th, but since it's the big 3-0 for him, I figured I'd take advantage of all of our friends being there & get a cake (mental note-never, ever listen to the guy at giant eagle when he tells you that you need a full sheet cake for the number of people that I told him would be there. I will be eating cake for all 3 meals and snacks in between for the next few days, trying to get rid of it!)

Liam sported a teeny, tiny luau shirt for his first party and even managed to make it until the very end before spitting up all over it. And he decided to share that spit up with Michelle's son. Directly onto his head. I believe it was Michelle's husband who made the comment, "It's just not a party until someone gets thrown up on!" So true my friend, so true.

Here he is, snuggling with Aunt Missa:

And some other random party pics...can't wait until next year!!

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