Friday, August 12, 2011

Too cool for school!

All good things must come to and maternity leave ended this week, which meant I went back to work, Liam started going to school and our family has to adjust to a whole different schedule/routine!

I have to say that going back wasn't *quite* as hard as I thought it would be; I think the anticipation of going back was actually much worse than just getting up that morning and going. Even though I was really upset on my last day of leave, and very sad to leave in the morning for work, once I got to the office I was surprisingly ok (the donuts bought by my coworkers helped ease some of my pain). Of course, I still had all of the same thoughts flowing through my head that day...Liam just seemed so little, what if he doesn't want his bottles, what if he feels abandoned by me, etc, etc... The logical side of me knows that he's going to be just fine (and probably will grow to love school, just like Jake always has), but the working mommy side of me felt that guilt that sometimes creeps up. His teachers always have a great report at the end of the day and have been telling me what a happy baby he is. He takes all of his bottles with no problems, and naps like a champ.

I was a slacker & forgot to charge the camera for his first day of school (shame!), so this is technically day #2:

We did the same pose that we did with Jake on his first day of school :)

So far, it hasn't been too bad trying to get everyone and everything out the door, then back in the house in the evenings. We've been really good about getting everything prepped and ready to go the night before AND actually getting out of bed when the alarm goes off (I have always struggled with this...I love me some snooze buttons!!) Day #1 was kind of a fail; either the alarm didn't go off as planned at 5:15am or I turned it off without even waking up (there's a pretty good chance that it was the latter) Aside from that, I've managed to catch my bus on time every day, and Brian hasn't had any horrible incidents trying to get both boys to school just yet.

I usually don't get to see Liam in the morning (little sleepy head has to be woken up by Brian every day!) but since we all had to leave by 7 today, I got to get him up and ready and hang out for just a bit:

big yawn in the middle of our photo it time to go back to bed? This morning stuff is for the birds!


jpournaras said...

You kept your hair long! Looks good! Glad everything goin good with new schedule!

DrBabyMamaDrama said...

I had to chuckle because my husband has the same book. Financial dork that he is.

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