Friday, April 15, 2011

Jake update

I haven't done a general update on Jake lately, so here we go!

*Recent comments about the new baby have included, "How long does the baby have to stay in his room? What is he DOING in there??" (by his room, he meant my belly) and "When that baby comes in, I'll give him my pants that are too small and some of my toys. he can have my blue car, I had it when I was a baby. I don't need it anymore, because I'm a big boy". :)

*He's been doing really well at preschool, he seems to be fully adjusted to his new classroom at this point. One of his teachers told me the other day that he has been coming out of his shell a bit more there & initiating play with other kids (rather than waiting for them to play with him) YAY! she also said he's been talking a lot more (he was really quiet before) to both the teachers and to other kids. Though she did comment that he speaks so softly most of the time, they have to ask him to speak up a bit. Going to the potty there is a nonissue at this point, finally. He goes before and after nap now, with no complaints or bribing involved.

*His memory never ceases to amaze me. Example: this morning, I went to put one of his fleece jackets on him & he said, "One time, I threw up on this coat. It was when we went to Jackson's house & I ate too much yogurt, so I threw up". A gross story, but that was back in December...and every time we go to put that coat on, he re-tells the story!

*His growing imagination has been so much fun to watch recently. He's been very into playing with characters, so he'll take out all of his "men" (a combo of buzz lightyears, Woody the cowboy, some dinosaurs and knights from his castle) and they will all talk to each other and play with each other. I love to overhear him say stuff like, "NO Buzzlight year, we don't hit our friends. You need to go to timeout now!"

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of for now. Here he is showing off what he calls his "thinking face":

And our completed Easter Egg project:

And of course, here is the other baby, lounging on the couch:


JCHokie said...

Emmy, Jake is adorable! What a sweet little boy he's growing up to be. And I love little Gracie Lou!

Lisa said...

I'm glad to know that puking is his memory of my house. We'll have to have you over sometime after the baby gets here so he can have a new memory of our house. Liam and Michael can stare at each other while the big boys play. :)

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