Thursday, April 28, 2011

How are you feeling??

I get this question almost every day; it doesn't bother me, I know it's just what people ask someone who is this pregnant. I almost always answer, "good, thank you for asking", though I could really start to rattle off a list of things that are making me uncomfortable at this point! But let's be honest-no one really wants to know the truthful answer to that question :) And overall, I really am feeling pretty good. I'm one of those annoying people who really enjoys being pregnant, despite all of the uncomfortable things that come along with it. If I had to answer the question truthfully though, these would be my complaints:

*Lack of sleep; it is a cruel, cruel irony that sleep becomes so difficult in the last 2 months or so. Shouldn't my body know that it needs to get it while it can?? I don't normally have trouble falling asleep, but I'm up at least 4 times/night to either pee or have to readjust myself (and my elaborate pillow set up) in bed. And sometimes during one of those wakings, I'll have middle-of-the-night insomnia, which is the WORST! There is nothing more frustrating than being in bed, staring at the clock from 1am-3:30am, begging your body to just go to sleep already!

*Sciatic nerve pain; I didn't have this with Jake, so the first time it happened, I was yelping in pain, having no idea what it was!! OUCH! I mean really, the baby has all of that room in there & of all the places he decides to hang out & rest sometimes, he picks such a super sensitive nerve? fortunately, he hasn't taken up permanent residency there or anything, so it's only sharp shooting pains once/day or so. This is in addition to the general back pain that I feel from not being able to get comfortable very easily.

*Shrek legs; some days are fine, other days, my legs look like tree trunks. I'm pretty much in sneakers every day at work now & just past the point of caring if it looks right with my dress clothes. At least with warmer weather coming soon, I can graduate to flip flops.

*The God, the heat!! (Seinfeld, anyone?) I am so, so very grateful that I will be having this baby before full-blown summer really gets here, I don't know if I could take it. I'm warm almost all of the time and I find that my face gets really flushed if I am the least bit warm.

To end with some positive things:

*No round ligament pain this time! I had this with Jake & it was not cool at all.

*Less Braxton Hicks; they started much earlier this time than with Jake, and they were still very much happening up until 2 weeks ago or so, but they seem to have subsided quite a bit. I still get them throughout the day, but not like what was going on before.

*Movement; this is one active little guy & it just never gets old. Brian & I will often stop what we're doing in the evening & just watch the acrobat show that's taking place in my belly. I swear, sometimes it's like he's trying to come out of my belly, it's crazy.

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