Thursday, March 25, 2010

Operation: Poo Bag

Jake takes his jobs very seriously....if I'm cleaning, he wants to help me dust and furiously scrubs the furniture with the rag I give him. If Brian is cleaning up the backyard, Jake wants to get his wheelbarrow out and load it up.

Last night after work, we departed for a walk and as I was putting him in the stroller, Jake saw Gracie's poo bag (aka-an empty newspaper sleeve) sticking out of my pocket and said "Jake hold". So, I said, "Sure! It's a really important job, being the poo bag holder....I need you to hold onto it very tightly and then hand it to me when Gracie goes to the bathroom, ok?" He nodded enthusiastically with a big smile on his face, clearly pleased that I was appointing him as the leader of such an important task.

It was gorgeous out yesterday....60 degrees, sunny....a delightful day for everyone and their mother (and dog and children) to be out in their yards or on a walk. And every single one of those people in our neighborhood was greeted the same way by Jake:

"Hello! Jake hold poo bag!"

I'm not sure if people wanted to laugh or be disturbed by the fact that my kid was proudly showing off a poo bag. Either way, the pride he took in his job made me smile.

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Life with Pog & FLeC said...

That's so funny! Meghan is always reminding me to "pick up poop" on our walks, even if the dogs have just peed. It's important to teach the kids young. :)

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