Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bikes & Birthdays-Take 2

*for those of you who have googlereader, sorry this showed up twice, I accidentally hit post too soon before I uploaded pics*

My mom celebrated her birthday last week....when we went out to dinner to celebrate, the server made her night by saying "21, right?" :)

We went to Washpa yesterday to see GG for her birthday and as a bonus, Uncle Nate was on spring break, so we got to see him too. It was Jake's lucky day, Nate had brought his fish home:

My parents bought a tricycle for Jake to keep at their house, which is nice because they live on a quiet cul-de-sac, with a flat stretch of road right in front of their house, so Jake loved zipping up & down the street on his new ride:

At one point, he got off of the bike and said to it, "Bike, I carry you" and picked it up and carried it for awhile, it was adorable :)

It was a nice day, so we also played around in the backyard....

Then we went to dinner (Red Robin, woohoo! I am a sucker for anywhere that gives you a free burger on your birthday and bottomless french fries any day!) Jake LOVED his mac & cheese, so much so that he attempted to drink the cheese out of the bottom after he was done:

The server brought out a sundae for my mom's birthday, which she generously shared with Jake....he then went on a bit of a crazy sugar high, started making strange noises and ran around my mom's house when we got home like a crazed man. :)

Happy birthday, GG!!

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Life with Pog & FLeC said...

Jake cracks me up! M loves to carry things around, too, which is funny. She picked up her little fire engine ride on toy the other day, and said "carry you truck". They are similar, even though Jake is a few months older. He is so adorable, Emmy.

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