Monday, March 8, 2010

Hang on a moment, please....

*blink, blink* Sorry for the pause, that was just me trying to get my eyes adjusted to this crazy thing that I'm seeing....they call it "sunshine"????

We always have a great time when we make a trip to VA to visit the Martini Family and the sunshine made it even better, it was nice to get the boys outside for awhile.

The boys played very well together....there were a few moment of "no, mine!" and not wanting to share toys with each other, but of course that's to be expected at their age. They really are just the cutest things together, they will be playing and then just stop & give each other little grins like they have some sort of inside joke. (or possibly some type of plot to overthrow their parents, we're not sure)

It was also Dennis's birthday, so we celebrated by eating cake and ice cream, then putting the boys to bed and crashing on the couch the rest of the night. Ahhh....we celebrate birthdays quite differently at this point in our lives :) Happy birthday, Dennis (aka-"Uncle Nessis")!!

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