Monday, March 22, 2010

Donde de la Selfish Emmy

Translation: Spanish for Emmy's Selfish Day (I think)
Reason for a language other than English? Because doesn't everything sound more festive in Spanish?

Anyway-Saturday I went out shopping. By myself. Which meant that I didn't have to push a stroller. Or dig around in my purse for snacks. Or have someone asking me every 5 minutes "Play? Play? Play?" until I start using bribery as a technique to get a certain someone to sit quietly in his stroller ("Do you want to go to the play zone? Ok then, I would suggest that you sit still and let mommy finish shopping....")

To sum it up, it was glorious. I didn't get as much stuff as I would have liked, I think I was being too picky and antsy being in the mall because I knew how gorgeous it was outside. But I did get the following:

Perhaps my most fabulous find, from DSW (sorry, couldn't get the pic to show up without that stuff on the side)

Because it's just not summer if you're not stocked with wife beaters from the Gap:

I also decided to give the "curvy" jeans from Gap a try, they seem promising:

Cute sandals from Target:

And I couldn't resist this Beatles shirt for Jake from Old Navy, even though about the last thing the kid needs is more summer clothes....but just picture this shirt with his little black Chuck Taylor shoes and tell me it won't be adorable.


JCHokie said...

Looks like you had a fun day of shopping too! Love the black heels, so cute. And we got the same sandals from Target!

DrDrama said...

It's Dia de la Selfish Emmy, lol! I love those shoes and the Beatles shirt. I am thinking i may have to go to Old Navy tomorrow.

Jeanna said...

You got some cute things! You cracked me up with the commentary if Jake was with you! Did you ever find anything to wear for that charity thing you have coming up?

Life with Pog & FLeC said...

Wow. A day to yourself?!?! That's awesome. Congrats! You have some lovely new things.

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