Monday, July 21, 2008

Uncle of the Year

My brother is really going for the title of "Uncle of the Year". While at my parents house on Saturday, my mom & I were doing a few things upstairs & left Nate in charge of Jake downstairs on the couch. In the 15 minutes that we were gone, these were the frantic cries for help that were heard from Uncle Nate:

Nate: EMMY!!!! (screamed really loudly like something terrible had happened, so I go flying down the stairs)
Me: What?? (when I see that nothing is visibly wrong)
Nate: He's trying to eat his feet, is that ok?
Me: um...yes, it's fine.

*a few minutes later*

Nate: EMMY!!!
Me: What now?
Nate: He keeps kicking his legs, what's wrong with him?
Me: nothing is wrong with him, he just likes to do that.
Nate: Oh, ok...will you take him anyway?

And the best one wasn't a conversation, more of a frantic plea....Jake proceeded to spit up on Nate (it wasn't even that much, he should see what it looks like sometimes!) and Nate began to yell "Take him! Take him! Emmy, stop laughing & take him, he just threw up on me!!!"

Welcome to Unclehood, Nate :) I can't make fun too much though; for having never been around babies, Nate does a fabulous job of holding Jake & being a wonderful uncle to him (just don't ask him change a diaper...or handle spit up, apparently....)

Just for fun, here is a picture of the first time that Nate got to hold Jake:


Amanda said...

LOL, that is great. And if it makes you feel better, K is still unnerved by spitup. Like it is acidic and burning through whatever it lands on- and it paralizes him at the same time. Can't.Move.Spitup.HELP!

Donna said...

The "take him, Take him" cries remind me of the one time my nephew was just hanging around my husband, moving around him hands on him, babbling at him and my husband just looked at me and pleaded with me to "make it stop." We still haven't really gotten Isaac to hold my nephew and he's 14 months old now.
At least Nate is trying. Sounds like he is doing fairly well for newly being around kids.

K,S,M,L&R M said...

That's great! My brother does great too, but he draws the line at diapers. :) I hope you're well. Jacob is so cute!!

DrDrama said...

That is awesome. Just like when the Kid threw up on my brother in law. I laughed.

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