Monday, May 19, 2008

A weekend of firsts....

We had 2 "firsts" this is fun, one is not so fun. We'll do the fun one first...

Normally when we eat dinner, Jake hangs out in his bouncy seat on the floor beside us....we've noticed that lately, he's been straining his neck to try and look up & see what we're doing at the table and we took that as a sign that he might want to have a seat of his own during mealtime, so we drug out the high chair. He looks kind of lost in it, but he was content the whole meal to hang out with Mr. Woofy and a rattle in hand and watch us eat. And for any mommies-to-be on the hunt for a highchair, we LOVE this one (Chicco) was easy to set up, has a pop off plastic tray that is dishwasher safe, and folds up really flat so we're able to shove it into our coat closet between meals (one less baby thing to look at all the time, woohoo!)

Now, onto the next first....Jake's first battle with pink eye (ugh!) The germs at daycare seem to be neverending! Brian noticed that his eye was full of goop when he picked him up Friday afternoon from instead of the relaxing, pizza filled evening we had planned, we instead drug ourselves to MedExpress. They seriously should give us a discount there or something, we have to be some of their best customers! I was just there 2 weeks ago for my sinus infection & as many of you remember, Brian was there last year. Twice. In one month. For the same injury (blasting his thumb with a power drill, for those of you who haven't heard the story)

Anyway--as always, they were great at MedExpress & said that other than the pink eye, he's in perfect health (I guess the constant runny nose is just a side effect of daycare that I have to get used to) So we're putting drops in his eyes & hoping that it clears up soon!

The rest of the weekend was good, we hung out at GG & Pappy's house in Washpa on Saturday...Gracie FINALLY got a hair cut (she was so shaggy, it was just embarassing) and we went to a local greenhouse so that Brian could stock up on annuals for the season. Here is Gracie showing off her new haircut, while supervising a diaper change:

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Dee K. said...

Yuck. I spend an hour or two on Sat. morning at an Urgent Care clinic (similar to MedExpress) with Robin who also had an eye infection.

Now I have it too!!

Fortunately it seems to have passed by Wren.

Here's to speedy healing.

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