Friday, May 9, 2008

Does anyone have a question for me?

Apparently, a lot of people do. By a lot of people, I mean total strangers. I noticed this phenomenon a lot when I was pregnant...examples of questions I got when pregnant were:

-How much weight have you gained?
(Just because I have a belly doesn't mean I need to advertise the exact amount I'm toting around! would you ask a non-pregnant person this question?)
-Oooh, you're pregnant! congratulations, was it planned?
(um, yes...and if it wasn't, would you have then taken back the congrats??)
-That pop doesn't have caffeine in it....does it???
(Yes, it does...I also eat lunch meat from time to time and I don't work out. When you're pregnant, you can make your own choices!)

The line of questioning doesn't seem to end once the baby is actually here. Now I get:

-Ooooh, what a cute baby! Is he sleeping through the night yet?
(I can see people asking this question now...but I got it when he was like, 3 weeks old. Yes, he's on a perfect schedule, sleeping through the night and we have him trained to get things out of the fridge for us as well, he's perfect.)

and my personal favorite question (and the main reason for this post):
-Are you breastfeeding?

Now, keep in mind that the questions I've listed have been asked to me by total strangers. not friends, not family...strangers. I thought the inappropriate questions would end once I wasn't waddling around with a huge belly anymore....not so much. In fact, the breastfeeding question has been asked at least 5 times when I'm out with the the mall, at the grocery store, Target and most recently, on the bus (which is just where I like to discuss various parts of my body---and for the record, yes, I am breastfeeding) Most of the time, it's asked in such a snooty way, that I hate to think of what their reaction might be if I said no, I was using formula!

So lesson of the day kids....if you happen to stumble on a pregnant woman or new mom and havent' met them before....take mental note of the questions listed above & scratch them off your list of things to ask!!!!

***as an update to my last post, we've had 3 good nights of sleep in a row from the little man (knock on wood!!) Cross your fingers for us that he keeps up the good work!!


Anonymous said...

I hear you, especially regarding the breastfeeding question. I went to a new hair salon yesterday, and within about 2 minutes of meeting the stylist, she asked me. It's not that I am embarrassed or anything, but I am just shocked at how any one feels they can ask you any thing at any place and at any time. We get the sleeping through the night thing a lot too and also have since M was about 3 weeks old. Jeesh! :) Anyway, cute blog!!

dee k. said...

Some people don't ask me questions. They just point and say "Look at THAT family!" Seriously.

My favorite question: "Are they both twins?"

Amanda said...

You must have a friendlier demeanor than i do, because strangers don't talk to me, let alone what to know what my boobs are up to.

Hooray for Jake giving you some much deserved rest. I probably shouldn't admit to this for fear of jinxing it, but Eleni slept through the night for us last night. Through the ENTIRE night. Best early mothers day gift ever after the week we had!

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