Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

I really wish every weekend were 3 days, it makes such a difference! We managed to get a lot of work and play in this weekend and in a shocking turn of events, the weather actually cooperated ALL weekend. (that's practically unheard of!)

The house stuff is coming along...Brian got one set of shutters painted on Saturday (from the nasty chipped beige color to this new makes the whole house look cleaner) Here are some before, during & after pictures:

While he painted, Jake & I sat in the shade and read "People" magazine...Brian looked disturbed when he overheard me reading out loud "And then, Angelina & Brad took Maddox and Shiloh to the beach in Venice...." but reading is reading, right? it was an educational experience for both of us.

Unfortunately, I caught Jake's pink eye from last week (ew, ew...I know, it's gross) but I managed to suck it up & help out...outside. Yes, you heard right...I worked outside. (I helped pull weeds & ivy one day last summer and nearly died, it wasn't a pretty sight.) But it was pleasantly warm all weekend, not sweltering hot yet, so I took it upon myself to slap on some SPF 292 and pot my own plants that I put in the gazebo (go me!) It's not completely set up yet, but I'll be sure to post pictures once it is.

Sunday, we went into Oakland for a picnic (that involved Uncle Sam's subs, mmmm!) on the Cathedral lawn, followed by a walk to Dave & Andy's (it's days like these that make me REALLY miss living in Oakland!) Jake had a great time looking around (and smiling at) all of the people and hanging out on the blanket.

The picnic was pretty tiring, so we had to wait while 2 members of the family took naps:

Monday we went to the little park in our development, where Jake went down a slide for the first time:

We're pretty sure that Brian had more fun than the baby, but that's ok. Gracie also had a good time, running around the open field as free as a bird...she then slipped into a coma for the rest of the afternoon.

Happy Memorial Day!


DrDrama said...

That picture of Jake against the Cathedral of Learning is too cute!

McGee Family said...

Jake is so adorable and so very happy. What a lovely weekend you had with your family!

Jeanna said...

Those pictures are great! Jake is so cute! I love catching up with how all of you are doing! The house looks great:)

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