Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Great Bottle Debate of 08

I try to not be a paranoid alarmist, though sometimes it's difficult (particuarly with a baby!) so I honestly didn't pay too much attention to the whole BPA panic when I was first pregnant. It seemed like at the time, there was nothing concrete and no exact evidence of harm. However, as the months went on and more & more reports came out and as other countries started trying to ban the chemical, I decided maybe it was time to do something about it. (Plus, this was also right around the time that Jake started daycare, so he was getting at least 4 bottles a day, rather than just 1 or so a week) I know I can't protect him from everything so if I can help out by getting rid of those bottles, it would be worth it.

I felt bad because he had enough trouble adjusting to taking a bottle in the first place, I hated to traumatize him by changing things up on him...but I figured if it was for his own good, he'd get over it. After some trial & error, we finally found a bottle/nipple combo that seems to fact, his teacher told us that he seems to take these bottles a little bit easier! (He was using Playtex Ventaires before) We went with NUBY ($7.49 for 3 bottles at BRU-a much cheaper alternative to other bottle choices!) however, the nipples that come with the bottle were crap....Jake really had to work to get any milk out and he got frustrated. So we ended up going with Dr. Browns standard nipples (stage 2) and so far, so good!

so if any moms/moms to be are looking for a cheaper BPA free bottle, I definitely recommend this set.

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McGee Family said...

Thank you for the kick in the rear. I must do some research about this! I have the Avent bottles. Meghan has only had 4 bottles, maybe 5, so I'm not too worried, but I think I might get some BPA-free ones.

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