Monday, May 5, 2008

To sleep, or not to sleep....

It's not a question for Jake. He is choosing to not sleep these days! I think I let myself get spoiled when he started only waking once through the night around 8 we are at almost 4 months old & we've hit a major regression. I've heard/read many theories about's a growth spurt, it's due to his recent cold, it's because his brain is developing at a very fast rate right now, so he need to process everything, etc.... Well, I hope one of us is getting smarter & having brain developments right now, because I'm pretty sure that mommy & daddy are losing IQ points with each passing night!

Here is what Jake used to look like at night, sleeping peacefully:

"ahh...sleep is good, I love sleep...."
this is the look on his face in the middle of the night now:

"Hey you...wanna come to my all night party?"

Do you notice the clear distinction? where is my sleeping baby??

Well, I'm off to find a way to IV caffeine directly into my system....happy Monday!

1 comment:

Christie - psychgalbride said...

I just love this picture of Jake. Too cute!

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