Thursday, January 2, 2014

"The Children Were Nestled..."

"I can't sleep.  I'm too excited for Santa.  What if it snows, do you think Rudolph will get to come out tonight?  I hope they find the food on the yard that we left.  Do you think we put out enough food?  What should I do if I hear jingle bells?  What if I can't fall asleep?  What if Santa gets here and I'm still awake???" 

The above is an excerpt of the conversation I had with Jake while tucking him in on Christmas Eve.  I'm sure similar conversations were taking place all around the world that night, which is pretty cool to think about.  And I can definitely remember having similar feelings as a child!  The anticipation of waking up, the excitement of the day....let's be honest, even as an adult, I have trouble falling asleep on Christmas Eve!!

Before we go on any more about the magic of the day, let's rewind a bit to 5am, when we woke up to the sound of Liam puking in his crib.  It's not a holiday in our house until someone is puking!  Let's get that printed on matching tshirts for next year, shall we??

Poor kid.  Miserable for hours, sick multiple times.  Fortunately, he seemed to rally by later in the evening, and was much better for Christmas Day.  In the mean time, Brian's family (including Aunt Amy, in from Colorado) were in route to our house, and I'm pretty sure they were terrified to step foot inside.  But they did it, and none of them got sick....but it did take Brian down a few days later.  Next year, I'm putting everyone in a bubble two weeks before Christmas.

Here are some pictures of around 6pm that day, with Liam looking much better.  Time to set out cookies and milk for Santa, then go out to the front yard to leave some reindeer food!! 

Jake's letter to Santa:

Liam's letter:

Reindeer food!

Silent night.

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