Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How we survived the polar vortex of 2014

I'm not sure how low the temps ended up dipping today with the wind chill (forecast was -30) but this morning it was -8 withOUT the wind chill factor, so definitely cold enough for us to hibernate all day!! We did all kinds of stuff, including some art projects:

Some homework and workbooks:

Some snuggling and movie watching (they enjoyed "a bug's life" for the first time)

Admired these pretty icicles that formed on the windows:

And did some breathing treatments:

Yep, poor thing gets to use a nebulizer to help kick the respiratory infection that he has (along with a sinus infection). He's being a good sport about having to use it every four hours (thank goodness for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as a distraction!!)  It's not our first time at the rodeo in terms of using a nebulizer, but it's still no fun to have to do. Hopefully between this and the antibiotics he's on, he'll bounce back very soon!!

I hope everyone has had a safe, warm and cozy day!

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