Tuesday, January 1, 2013

That's a wrap!!

 It's hard to believe that as I sit here and type this, I am less than 12 hours away from being back to sitting at my desk at work.  *sigh*  Why do vacations always fly by?   I can't really complain though, we've had a fantastic Christmas vacation this year.  I'll have quite a few posts to catch up on all of our fun (Children's Museum!  Skiing!  Sled riding!), but for now, I'll start with Christmas day.

Santa and the elves were hard at work on Christmas eve....

And everyone was up bright & early on Christmas day!! 

Video of them coming down:

He has been loving his dream lite at bedtime!
Apparently, getting a Hot Wheels car from Cars never gets old!! 
He loves Master Moves Mickey!
This was the gift he was most excited to ask Santa for...Lightning McQueen hawk
I don't know why he looks so sad!
I took Jake to the store & he picked out gifts for everyone this year, it was so cute :)
 The kids got a new play kitchen from us (I scored a great deal on craigslist!):

And they got a surprise power wheels from Aunt Amy & Ben!!  Here is the video of them unwrapping it (after going on a treasure hunt with clues to find it in the garage):

Liam looks a little scared here, but he had no problems climbing in and hanging on with Jake behind the wheel!

After all of that, GG & Pappy arrived for more fun!

Liam got his own stool so he won't have to steal Jake's anymore :)

a new suitcase!

 Sometime in the chaos of wrapping paper, toys, packaging, and a toddler who was dangerously close to naptime, Gracie managed to get herself stuck behind a pile of presents.  It was not a high point for her that day:

And then one of Brian's Christmas dreams came true...he received an ugly Christmas sweater from my parents!

After a great meal, we enjoyed some dessert (and gingerboozeshakes, of course!) and good times with our family.  We say it every year, but it's so true...we are really so lucky that both of our families are always able to be here with the kids. 

We hope everyone had a great Christmas!!  Happy New Year!

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