Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another birthday post...last one, I promise!

I just wanted to share a few pictures of Jake on his actual birthday....mainly because he wanted to wear his Batman shirt that included a cape to school that day.  He also wanted to Liam to wear his-have I ever mentioned how much I love the fact that he is into wearing matching clothes with his brother??  Oh, I've mentioned it multiple times on here?  Oh well.  I am.  Because I know it's short-lived, so for now, I embrace it. 
Work it, Batman.

Jake's feedback on his birthday was that it was "so much fun" and he loved sharing cookies with his friends at school that day, and loved getting to stand on a chair while they sang happy birthday to him.

the gift he wanted most...Flo's Cafe from the movie, Cars


Sheila said...

Happy Birthday Jake! I love Liam's smile - he looks so thrilled to be with his big brother!

Ali Causey said...

Those boys are so darned cute together! <3

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