Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Book Wrap Up

I really embraced my kindle this year and loved searching the library's site for books to check out; and even better for this upcoming year, I acquired a few amazon gift cards for my birthday, so I can actually buy some books that aren't available on the library site, YAY! 

Here is my round up of books read in 2012; I finished 23 books this year, which is up from 20 last year. 

  • "Faefever" (Karen Moning)
  • "Bloodfever" (Karen Moning)
  • "Dark Fever" (Karen Moning)
  • "Summer in the City" (Candace Bushnell)
  • "Frozen Heat" (Richard Castle)
  • "Gone Girl" (Gillian Flynn)
  • "A Summer Affair" (Elin Hilderbrandt)
  • "Beautiful Ruins" (Jess Walter)
  • "Secret Lives" (Diane Chamberlain)
  • "The Castaways" (Elin Hilderbrandt)
  • "The Peach Keeper" (Sarah Addison Allen)
  • "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" (Mindy Kaling)
  • "Keeping Faith" (Jodi Picoult)
  • "Vision in White" (Nora Roberts)
  • "Fires of our Choosing" (Eugene Cross)
  • "Still Summer" (Jacquelyn Mitchard)
  • "Naked Heat" (Richard Castle)
  • "Maine" (Courtney Sullivan)
  • "The Girl Who Couldn't Say No" (Tracy Engelbrecht)
  • "Just When I Thought I'd Dropped My Last Egg" (Kathie Lee Gifford)
  • "Lola and the Boy Next Door" (Stephanie Perkins)
  • "Before I Fall" (Lauren Oliver)
  • "Pretty in Plaid" (Jen Lancaster)
 As you can see, I'm in the middle of a series of books by Karen Moning called The Fever Series.  I kept reading about this series, and it's definitely something I would have never started reading on my own based solely on the description (fantasy stuff, and it's pretty violent-neither of which are usually my cup of tea), but I'm sucked in at this point.  I read 3 of them in the past month or so, I'm on book 4 now (there are 5 total in the series, so at this point, I'm just going to go ahead and finish it out all in a row). Side note-this is why I'm hesitant to start the Harry Potter series...I know that I will get completely sucked in and want to sit and read all 7 (8?) at once.

I was a bit of a slacker this past year on book reviews, but if you want a good list, check out my friend's blog, she just did an extensive list with reviews and recommendations...I can't wait to read a lot of these!

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JCHokie said...

Thanks for the link! I'll have to steal some from your list too. How did you like Beautiful Ruins? Are you using Goodreads?

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