Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Superhero Party Details

Superhero Training Academy Party 

As I mentioned in my last post, I might have gone a bit overboard with the theme.  Actually, overboard might be a strong word...but I ended up doing more than I had originally planned to do, let's just put it that way.  But, I'm really happy with how it all turned out!

As usual, Pinterest was the main reason for creating more work for myself.  So many good ideas out there for this theme!!  Let's start with the decorations.

I had these on the front door, which were FREE printables from the Simply Designing blog:

Here is our living room, which is where most of the party took place:

Batman Tablecloth: Walmart
Batman birthday banner: Walmart
Big Happy Birthday sign with Batman: Party City
Pin the bag signal on Batman: Party City

*I lucked out a few weeks before the party, Party City was having an online sale with free shipping and all of the Batman stuff was marked way down. Score!

Cake and Table Settings

Buckets for utensils: Target Dollar bins, marked down to .30 each!!
Cake: Sam's Club

Favor Bags

Bags: Walmart
Fruit Snacks: Walmart
Batman markers, erasers, crayons: again, another Target dollar bin find!  Marked down to .30 per pack (there were 12 markers in each pack and 6 erasers)
They also got to take home the superhero mask they made at the beginning of the party (see next entry!) 

Superhero Mask Station

I found these awesome kits from Hobby Lobby, and the kids were each able to make their own masks!  The site has them for $5.99, I got them for $4.99 with a free shipping code.

Obstacle Course

The original idea came from this Design Mom blog, which had kids jumping over small boxes.  I saw other ideas on other blogs that expanded into a whole obstacle course, but most of those were outside, so I had to modify a bit.  We had them go through a tunnel (which we already had), punch a punching bag (we already had), jump over fake bricks (those kind that are toy blocks-already had), then knock down this building to save spiderman.  The boxes were generously supplied by my dad (thanks!) and Brian spray-painted them black, then I cut out the windows from cardstock paper.  Viola!

And, to wrap up the party this week, I found these superhero themed thank you cards at Target:

I did the invitation on evite (they had a superhero theme), and encouraged all of the kids to sport their superhero attire on the invitation (and almost everyone did, it was super cute!).  

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