Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wild & Crazy NYE!!

New Years Eve is my least favorite holiday of the entire year; I'm not sure why exactly, I've just always found it to be anti-climatic and somewhat depressing.  It marks the official end to the Christmas season (*sad face*) and means that it's just a loooooong winter ahead of us.  Plus, I really don't like any holidays that would require me to stay up past 10pm.

Thus, we never really make any plans for NYE...but this year, we went all out!!  That's right, we got dressed (it may or may not have been the first time I had been out of sweatpants in days), loaded up the car and went to (wait for it, wait for it...) RED ROBIN!!  I hadn't cashed in on my free birthday burger there yet and time was running out (oh yeah, did I mention I had a birthday?  I'm officially over the age of 30 now.  Yikes.) 

This was Liam's first trip to RR, so it was a big milestone.  We busted out shoes for the event...yeah, that's right...those are teeny, tiny Chuck Taylors. (thanks, GG and Pappy!)

seriously? the cuteness level is out of control!

Liam fell asleep on the ride home, so after his little power nap he was ready to party looooooooong after his usual 7:30pm bedtime. 

So, we decided to let Jake stay up a bit later, too and played cards.  Santa brought him Go Fish and Snap for Christmas, he's obsessed with playing both of them. 

I have to admit, even though I don't care for the holiday, we had a good night.  I stuck with my usual tradition and passed out by 9:30pm.  2011 was a fantastic year for our family, and we're looking forward to finding out what 2012 will bring.

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Sara said...

Wishing you great things in 2012...

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