Monday, January 9, 2012

Hit the slopes!

The temperature around here randomly climbed up into the mid-50's over the weekend, so Brian decided to take advantage of it and took Jake skiing on Saturday.  You can imagine how excited Jake was to wake up and discover that was the plan for the day! 

Love the sign!!

My little guy hit the slopes at 9:30am and after some coaxing, finally left for the day around 5pm.  Brian said he had to talk him into taking a few breaks throughout the day, Jake just did not want to stop.  At one point, Brian told Jake he had to go to the lodge to use the restroom and take a break; Jake's response was, "that's ok go ahead and go to the potty, I'll stay out here and ski some more"  :)

Yes, they were there at sunset :)

By the end of the day, he was falling asleep on the chair lift in between runs but was still adamant that he wanted to keep going.  I think it's awesome that he loves it so much and that he and Brian now have this as their "thing".  Brian said he passed out in the car pretty much right away:


Here's a video of him, one of the first runs of the day on the little kiddie slope area:

1 comment:

Sara said...

That's great! I really had no idea kids could ski this early on. Go Jake!

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