Sunday, July 17, 2011

A small update

Thank you to everyone who has sent texts, emails and messages with well wishes, we really appreciate it! I don't have too much more information, other than the fact that the bacterial tests have not shown any growth yet (which means no dreaded bacterial meningitis), which is good. The dr. said that most of the time, if it's going to show something, it shows up within 24 hours. Assuming there's no growth between now and tomorrow early afternoon, we should be discharged.

Liam's temperature dropped to 99.2 this afternoon, and he's eating fairly well and wetting diapers, so they're very happy with all of that. He developed a rash today on his stomach/chest/face, but they believe it's just from the virus and aren't concerned.

And I feel much better this afternoon than I did yesterday, or even this morning. I'm sure that getting some sleep last night helped, but I also feel better about everything in general. Even though we continued to get reassurance that everything would be fine, we also knew that we weren't totally out of the woods until we knew something from that bacterial test. So it's good that we've gone 24 hours without anything on that.

So, fingers crossed that we'll be discharged tomorrow. Then, I can completely stop worrying about his diagnosis & I look forward to being able to snuggle him in our own home, without an IV in his arm. And of course, I miss my Jake!! He was here for a little bit the first morning before we knew what Liam had, but we haven't had him back since and I definitely miss him.


Abby said...

oh my goodness Emmy!! You and Liam are in my thoughts! I hope that you are headed home soon!

Team Clancy said...

Oh no! I just read all about your terrible weekend. I hope this morning brings good news of a discharge and that little Liam is feeling better! Hang in there!

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