Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm sorry, he has a WHAT??

An umbilical hernia?? My poor kid! Turns out, it's one of those things that sounds much worse than it actually is. Description of the condition, per Mayo Clinic:

An umbilical hernia creates a soft swelling or bulge near the navel (umbilicus). The bulge may range from less than 1/2 inch to about 2 inches (about 1 to 5 centimeters
) in diameter.
If your baby has an umbilical hernia, you may notice the bulge only when he or she cries, coughs or strains. The bulge may disappear when your baby is calm or lies on his or her back.
Umbilical hernias in children are usually painless. Umbilical hernias that appear during adulthood may cause abdominal discomfort.
So, not really anything to be alarmed about, but kind of scary to see! Take a look:

The dr said it will go away by itself, usually by a year. Phew! While we were there, they adjusted his dose of medicine for his acid reflux, which is good, because I was starting to think that it wasn't the right dose anymore. The spit up has been slightly less fountain like, but is still coming out of his nose often and still causing him discomfort. Hopefully this new dose will do the trick. At 7 weeks, 2 days, he weighed 9 lbs, 15 oz. That's 1 lb, 5 oz more than when he was there 2 weeks ago, yay! I'm so happy that he's pretty much moved out of all of his newborn clothes & into the 0-3 month stuff; I had a lot more 0-3 month stuff than newborn size, and it was all so cute, I couldn't wait to have him wear it!

As I type this, he's being my assistant by hanging out on his play mat next to me on the floor. He's kicking his legs, grabbing at the toys & cooing up a storm :)

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Lisa said...

Michael was born with an unbilical hernia as well. It freaked me out when he was first born, and the doctors were right in telling me not to worry about it. By 3 months it was totally gone.

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