Friday, January 1, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

I have always been a big fan of the Christmas season, but this year I was even more excited. (so much so that I woke up on Christmas morning at 5am, too excited to go back to sleep and for once, wishing that Jake would wake up early!)

I was super excited this year for a few reasons... I knew Jake would "get it" a little more this year. Also, I was hosting! Brian and I have frequently discussed how lucky we are that we both love each others' families, as I have heard horror stories about terrible in-laws. So we're pretty lucky that our families enjoy spending time with each other, and we were able to have everyone here for the holiday (no traveling for us, score!)

As you can see in this picture, we had some problems stuffing the gifts under the tree due to the fact that the tree itself took up half of the room. I must admit, though I was a bit apprehensive about the huge tree when we first shoved it through our front door, I grew to love it :) (shhh---don't tell Brian!)

Jake understood the concept of the presents...but he had no interest in opening them. He wanted what was inside of them...he just wanted someone else to open them for him. So, much of the morning was spent with him saying someone's name and pointing to a present, indicating that they were the chosen one who got to open that gift for him. It was odd, but at least we didn't have to worry about him tearing into everything at once.

He got a lot of great gifts (thanks everyone!) and favorites included his train table, set of dinosaurs, a Build-a-Bear dressed in a Steelers uniform (and appropriately named "Big Ben") and race car track.

After the gift opening marathon, it was time to EAT! I decided to brine the turkey this year and it definitely turned out to be very moist! Jake was so impressed with the food that he promptly passed out at the table after eating a little bit of his meal.

I hope that everyone else had as wonderful of a Christmas as we did!

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