Friday, January 15, 2010

Help Get Them Out of Haiti

I fully admit, I don't follow the news that much under normal circumstances; however, I have been glued to a story involving 2 girls from Pittsburgh who run BRESMA orphanage in Haiti, which was destroyed by the earthquake this past Tuesday.

I can't get those 2 girls and all of those little babies and kids out of my head. Maybe it's because they're from Pittsburgh. Maybe it's because it really drives home the fact that I have a healthy, happy child and it breaks my heart to think of other kids who don't have the same blessings. Maybe it's the fact that there are parents out there waiting to adopt these children, who are now left feeling uncertain about the adoption situation. Our family has close ties to adoption...I think about Brian's parents waiting to bring home his little sister from Korea and about my cousin, bringing home her 2 daughters from China (2 years ago, almost to the day).

Whatever the reason, I've been moved by this story, which is why I'm posting about it on here.

If you live in Pittsburgh, you've no doubt heard about this orphanage situation. But I know there are random people who read my blog (and I know this because one left a comment the other day) which got me to thinking that if just one more person reads about it on here, that's one person who wasn't aware before. And maybe one more person who is willing to donate money or supplies to this cause.

For more information on this entire story, updates and details about how you can help, check out one of my favorite blogs,

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